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These Spices Bring Fall Flavors to Your Cooking

Posted On September 16, 2019

These Spices Bring Fall Flavors to Your Cooking

The yummy smells of fall cooking have arrived. Fall seasonings warm the home, enticing you after a long day’s work to sit back and relax. The full-bodied aromas wrap around your senses and soothe. These spices can bring back memories of your childhood sitting around a fire sipping cider or cocoa listening to your family’s stories. Or maybe they remind you of helping a parent cook in the kitchen while you would sneak bites of food when you thought they weren’t looking. Whatever the reason for enjoying the smells, these spices add a wonderful flavor to your food.

Cinnamon Sticks

Few spices capture the aroma of fall quite like cinnamon. The delightful spice is generally paired with apples because they are such a complementary pairing for your taste buds. Cinnamon sticks offer a variety of benefits beyond the smell. Since the stick keeps the spice whole, the spice lasts longer. Swirl a stick in your favorite fall beverage such as apple cider or coffee to complement any meal. Grind up some fresh cinnamon to use in place of store-bought stock for a burst of flavor in your meals. Add a cinnamon stick to morning oatmeal for a good breakfast before school or work. While cinnamon is often used in desserts, it works wonders on savory meats such as Bar-S pork franks or sausages. Slice up the sausages and sauté with a cinnamon stick. The sticks work great in soups and slow cooker meals.


Sage is a lovely aromatic spice where a little goes a long way. The pungent flavor blends beautifully with Bar-S turkey and chicken franks. Create your own unique take on the Thanksgiving stuffing or dressing by using Bar-S franks and some sage mixed in. This savory herb has been used historically for medicinal purposes like improving memory. The Druids believed the powerful herb could bring life back to the dead. While your kitchen may not be inspired by the legends of the past, your mouth is sure to water when you take a bite of a savory dish infused with the loveliness of sage. Add to a sausage dish for help digesting the richness of the meal.


Rosemary has a recognizable scent and flavor that works perfectly for savory meals or to add a touch of peppery flavor to a dessert. The recognizable leaves have been used to enhance memory, aid digestion and improve circulation. Most recipes use the whole leaf taken off the stem, rinsed and dried. Add to poultry such as Bar-S turkey franks or as part of a delicious side dish of potatoes, onions or spinach. Garnish the plate with a sprig of rosemary. Kick up your butter for rolls or to spread along meat by adding rosemary and garlic to the spread.


Nutmeg is often used in breads and desserts during the fall, but it also can be used in other dishes to elevate their flavor. The warmth of nutmeg is great in cheese dishes such as Bar-S franks and mac and cheese. Use as a meat flavoring or in a blend such as curry. This spice only needs a small bit to add life to your meal. Bring a little something extra to your dish by adding sliced apples with nutmeg to your plate of Bar-S sausages for a scrumptious dinner.

Poultry Blends

Many poultry seasonings have a blend of fall spices to take your Thanksgiving turkey up a notch or to flavor a simple meal of Bar-S turkey franks with mac and cheese. Sprinkle a little on while cooking in your frying pan. Many poultry blends include sage, rosemary, nutmeg and thyme. Ground cloves, celery seed, black pepper and celery salt may also be included. Use these to add flavor to your Bar-S chicken franks or sausages. Add a little to your potatoes, soups and stews to capture the flavors of fall.

Sit around the table and enjoy the delight of your loved ones for a relaxing evening. With everyone rushing around, a little relaxation around dinnertime may be just what the doctor ordered. When you use Bar-S, dinner is simple with quality meat your kids can enjoy. Take time to sit around the table and catch up after a busy day. These spices let you and your family enjoy the beauty and flavor of fall.