There's a new Mashup in Town

And this year, we went
Bigger (and Richer) than ever.

We all love the sound of Bar-S Chorizo Links combined with a side of scrambled eggs, or a Bar-S Beef Frank uniting with a toasty bun. And now, we’ve mashed up something that sounds equally delicious—Big & Rich and U Can’t Touch This!

Watch the two Nashville legends put their unique country flair on the classic ‘90s 
hip-hop anthem in our most Iconic Summer Mashup yet. Now that sounds good!


Big N Rich

Something new to sing about

Hear how Big & Rich feel about the latest additions to the Bar-S lineup!

New Bar-S Beef Franks Fresh Packs

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New Bar-S Chorizo Links

Same taste. Less mess. New fully cooked Bar-S Chorizo Links let you skip the grease and the crumble for an equally delicious and authentic flavor with far less clean-up. Just heat up and eat up!

New Bar-S Ham and Turkey Breakfast Cuts

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