Q: Where can I find nutritional information?

A: You can find nutritional information on the product package and on our website by visiting the Products page.

Q: What is a serving size?

A: A serving size is the amount of food in the package recommended for an average adult. This varies according to the product or recipe, but the label indicates the weight, volume, or number of slices of product that equals one serving. Serving sizes are regulated by the FDA and USDA to ensure consistency in nutritional labeling.

Q: How do you arrive at the “fat claims’ stated on your packaging?

A: We use quality primal cuts of pork ham, beef and poultry that are very lean in fat. This enables us to make a product that is 96% or 97% fat free by USDA standards. In order to put any type of fat claim on our product, it must be approved and in compliance with USDA standards.