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What is Cotto Salami

Cotto salami is a delicious lunchmeat that both kids and adults love. People know almost everything there is to know about the popular lunchmeat, from how it’s cooked to where it’s from. Read on, and you can be a salami sage as well. A Tale of Two Sausages Have you ever wondered why, in the case […]

The Origin of The Corn Dog

If you’ve ever been to a carnival, boardwalk or amusement park, you’ve probably enjoyed a corn dog. To make one, you start with a plump, juicy hot dog on a stick, then dip it in cornmeal batter and deep-fry it. Savory, sweet and undeniably greasy, the corn dog is American innovation at its best. But […]

Bologna: Where does the Name Come From?

Bologna has been a staple in people’s lunches for a long time. Some slices of bologna between two slices of white bread with a few condiments makes for a delectable meal. However, have you ever wondered how bologna came to be?

A Brief History of Black Forest Ham

Black Forest ham is one of the most popular deli meats sold in the U.S. today, and it can be used in sandwiches, wraps, salads and more. However, though many Americans appreciate the flavor of the meat, not many appreciate its rich history.

Strangest Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day

Probably the most popular lunch item is the sandwich. On November 3, people everywhere will be honoring this humble fare believed to be named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

How to Perfectly Roast a Frank on A Campfire

It may seem like roasting hot dogs is a simple process — get some heat and cook them. However, if you are trying to master the perfect roast, you have to learn a bit about the methods and the tricks behind the process.

The History of the 
Grill and Barbecuing

Since the time that the concept of cooking food was created, there have been many different ways to prepare and cook food. All of these different methods can create different tasting experiences, making for more diverse additions to dinnertime.

Why Do they call it a corn dog?

There it is – that sweet and savory smell wafting through the air, bringing back childhood memories of sports games and summertime visits to the state fair. The corn dog is a beloved American tradition enjoyed at arenas, fairgrounds, street vendor carts and any place where fun is on the agenda.

Bored of the Bun?

Who doesn’t love a hot dog? The next time franks are on the menu, consider serving them on a hot dog bun alternative for a mouth-watering treat your family and friends will love.

Grill Game Day: Frisbee

There is a revolution in backyard gaming. Old outdoor games that used to thrill past generations are getting a new life. They are being revamped to make them attractive to today’s need for more engagement and more fun. One such game getting a reboot is Frisbee. While you certainly can still just toss the disc […]

the history of the hot dog

Have you ever wondered how hot dogs came to be an all-American classic? Where do hot dogs come from? What is a frankfurter exactly, and why are they called hot dogs? Hot dog history is full of colorful stories that contradict each other, so which ones are true? Hot Dogs Eaten in the Ancient World […]

do franks have gluten

Historians believe the first frankfurters were just sausages served in bread for an imperial coronation in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, they’re called wieners, hot dogs or franks. No matter what you call them or how you serve them, franks are a popular dish all year long. They warm up quickly on the grill or stove for a […]

what to bring to your fall picnic

Fall picnics can be even more enjoyable than summer gatherings. As the weather cools and leaves change color, a picnic can be a perfect opportunity to savor the season with family and friends. Start planning an outdoor festivity by considering a few fall picnic food ideas that can inspire you to switch out traditional summer […]

There’s more than one 
way to roast a frank

When the long, lazy days of summer start to grow short and cool, you may be less inclined to fire up your grill. The kids are back in school, the sun goes down earlier and it may be too cold to stand outside to barbecue your franks. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an […]

What Are Hot Links?

People enjoy sausage in a variety of meals, but what are hot links and what makes them special? Hot links are a seasoned, spicy sausage link that can help kick up a casserole or be grilled to perfection. These sausages combine tender juiciness of pork and chicken to make an irresistible combination that wake up […]

what does the ‘Use by’ date mean

It’s easy to be confused by some of the dates you may see printed on a package of food. You might see a “Sell By” date or a “Use By” date, and sometimes more than one date. How are you supposed to tell what each date really means? Unfortunately, there is no sole standard for […]

How Bacon varies around the world

Is anything better than the salty, smoky smell of sizzling bacon on a Sunday morning? In the United States, bacon comes from the belly of the pig. After a curing process, meat producers divide it into the thin or not-so-thin slices that complement any breakfast or improve any cheeseburger. That isn’t the case in other […]

ways to prepare franks

Grilled or baked, boiled or steamed, hot dogs are great. You can probably even eat them right out of the package if the label says it’s OK. On second thought, you’re better off with one of these delicious cooking techniques instead. So what is the best way to cook franks? Cooking Method #1: Over an […]

the history of breakfast

Breakfast is a daily part of life for many Americans. Some people hold it in such high regard that it has taken on the moniker of “most important meal of the day.” Have you ever wondered where exactly that phrase came from? The truth is that breakfast as people know it today is a fairly […]

20 long lasting foods 
in your grocery store

Finding long lasting foods is important to many parents, especially when preparing for emergency situations. Rather than purchasing perishable items, families should stock up on items with a long shelf life. These foods will save families money, provide a variety of meal options that offer nutritional value, and require less trips to the grocery store. […]

hot dogs and baseball: a match made in sports heaven

Hot dogs are practically synonymous with baseball. You really can’t have one without the other, and both are as American as bald eagles and apple pie. In fact, in 2014 it was estimated that over 21 million hot dogs were eaten in baseball stadiums across the United States, with over 3 million of those hot […]

Pickles: Where do they originate from, and what do they belong on?

Pickles: Where Do They Originate From, and What Do They Belong On? Many individuals may agree that pickles are tasty snacks. The origin of pickles is quite an interesting story, and the popular food has been eaten for a very, very long time. Take a look at a brief history about pickles, as well as […]

the bologna sandwich: a great lunchtime tradition

If you’ve ever been to a carnival, boardwalk or amusement park, you’ve probably enjoyed a corn dog. To make one, you start with a plump, juicy hot dog on a stick, then dip it in cornmeal batter and deep-fry it. Savory, sweet and undeniably greasy, the corn dog is American innovation at its best. But […]

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