Q: Where can I find Bar-S products?

A: Please visit our Product Locator page and do a location search by zip code. If you are having difficulty finding a specific Bar-S product, feel free to contact us on the Contact Us page.

Q: Is the red ring around the bologna edible?

A: No, the red ring is not meant to be eaten.

Q: Do you still make the Cajun sausage?

A: No, we no longer make Cajun sausage, but the Hot Smoked sausage has a similar flavor but it is less spicy.

Q: Why are my franks red?

A: Please check the ingredients list on the package. If it lists ‘Red 40’ as an ingredient, you picked up our Classic Red Franks, which are distinguished by a dark red color. This is why the water turns red when you boil the franks.