Q: How is lunchmeat made?

A: Lunchmeat is made by combining turkey or pork with spices then it is cooked in a container to bind.

Q: What are hot dogs made of?

A: If it is a beef frank, it is made with beef and spices. If it a mixed meat frank, it is made with chicken, pork, beef, and spices. If it is a turkey frank, it is made with turkey and spices. If it is a chicken frank, it is made with chicken and spices.

Q: Are your products non-GMO (Genetically Modified)?

A: No, we do not guarantee our ingredients are non-GMO.

Q: What is the source of sugar in Bar-S Bacon?

A: The source of sugar in Bar-S Bacon is sucrose.

Q: What is the “smoke flavor” listed on the package.

A: The smoke flavor is a liquid smoke used for flavoring.

Q: Potassium lactate and sodium diacetate are listed as ingredients on your package. What are they?

A: Potassium lactate is based on potassium salt of natural L (+) lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation of sugar. Both of these food grade ingredients have history as flavoring agents, are very safe and are commonly used to inhibit bacterial growth.

Q: Sodium erythorbate is listed as an ingredient on your label. What is it?

A: Sodium erythorbate is a man-made form of vitamin C. Sodium erythorbate helps keep the color of franks, ham, and other cured meats stable. Sodium erythorbate and similar forms of vitamin C have been used in cured meat products for more than 38 years.

Q: What is modified food starch?

A: The modified food starch used in Bar-S Foods products is corn starch unless otherwise stated on the ingredient label.

Q: What type of casing is used on the hot links?

A: Our hot link casing is collagen-based, made from cowhide.

Q: Do your products contain lactose?

A: Only our corn dogs and cheese-flavored products contain lactose.