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do franks have gluten

Historians believe the first frankfurters were just sausages served in bread for an imperial coronation in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, they’re called wieners, hot dogs or franks. No matter what you call them or how you serve them, franks are a popular dish all year long. They warm up quickly on the grill or stove for a satisfying meal. One of the first questions most people ask about hot dogs is if they taste good. Bar-S franks have been America’s best-selling frank for more than 10 years.

Hot Dog Ingredients

We know that ingredients are the most important element of a good hot dog. Our philosophy is to use quality, wholesome ingredients to make the best franks we can. Franks are basically a sausage, which means they have a mixture of meat and seasonings. With the gluten-free diet trend, more people wonder what type of fillers go into making Bar-S franks. Here’s a list of which of our franks are gluten free.

Gluten Free Meats
  1. Classic franks: Our classic franks are made with chicken and pork, but without gluten products. Each of the varieties – classic, jumbo, bun length and red – are gluten-free. These products are made in a facility that holds a Level 3 Safe Quality Food Certification, the highest level that can be achieved. Look for the gluten-free label to know these classic franks do not contain gluten.
  2. Beef franks: Bar-S beef franks are made from quality beef without soy or wheat fillers. Beef franks tend to be heartier than classic franks, with a savory flavor that will have you hooked. All of our beef varieties – classic, jumbo and bun length – are gluten-free. Beef franks are great with chili and cheese, served in your favorite gluten-free bun.
  3. Turkey or chicken franks: Our turkey franks and chicken franks are great for people who are trying to lighten up their diet. These franks, in any of the varieties, are gluten-free and labeled as such.
  4. Signature Smokehouse franks: These franks have added smoke to enrich their flavor. When you don’t have time to grill, but want that delicious taste, these gluten-free franks are the way to go.
  5. Cheese franks: Americans love cheese. We’ve made it easy to get that savory goodness in your franks by adding it to our classic franks. They’re plump, juicy and gluten-free.
Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

To pair with Bar-S franks, there are several varieties of gluten free hot dog buns to choose from. Udi’s, Schar, Rudi’s, and Katz are a few of the popular brands that carry gluten-free options for hot dog buns.

What About Our Other Products?

We make baconsausage and lunch meat that are all gluten-free. These products are made with the same high standards in our facilities that you can rely on.

Most Bar-S Foods products are gluten-free. The one exception is our corn dogs, which do include wheat products in the batter. You can be confident that you are feeding your family food that tastes good, is a great value and meets your dietary requirements.

Pick up a package of classic, beef, turkey or chicken franks tonight for dinner. Choose a gluten-free bun and you’ll have an easy meal ready for everyone in your house. If you’ve got time to throw franks on the grill, put down your electronics and have a picnic for a relaxing evening without a lot of cleanup.