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Grill Game Day: Frisbee

There is a revolution in backyard gaming. Old outdoor games that used to thrill past generations are getting a new life. They are being revamped to make them attractive to today’s need for more engagement and more fun. One such game getting a reboot is Frisbee. While you certainly can still just toss the disc back and forth, there is a new way to play that ups the excitement and overall enjoyment, taking this old game and making it into something new.

The New Version of the Game

This new game can be played with any brand of flying disc. It adds in some new twists to make it more challenging than just trying to catch and toss the disc. It is also simple to adjust the game for all ages, so you can easily include everyone who is attending your backyard cookout.

The main idea is to use beer, pop or water bottles or cans sat on a pole as the objects you are aiming for. Your goal is to knock these items off. It may seem like a simple idea, but it is much more difficult than it seems.

Safety Tips

Before you get started, it is important to recognize that this game has a few elements to be careful about. First, some forms turn it into a drinking game. If the other side scores, you have to take a drink. Because of this, it is essential to ensure you are being responsible if you are using beer. Only those over the legal age should participate. Any minors should use pop or water.

In addition, because you are knocking bottles off the poles, there is a chance they could break. Everyone playing should wear proper footwear to avoid being hurt. If you are concerned about this risk, it is better to use plastic bottles or cans.

Game Setup

Setting up the game is fairly easy and should only take a matter of minutes. You will need the following:

2 poles about three or four feet high

2 empty bottles or cans

1 flying disc

Stick the poles in the ground, so they are sturdily upright. Set one bottle or can on top of each pole. The poles should generally be about six to 10 feet apart, but this is variable. You want them to be far enough apart to make the game challenging, but not so close that a good throw cannot be completed. You may need to take some practice shots to determine the right distance.

Frisbee Bottle Game Rules

You will play this game in two teams of two people each. Each team throws one time and then the other team will throw, alternating players. If you are throwing, your goal is to knock the can or bottle off the other team’s pole. If you are not throwing, then you should defend your pole by trying to stop the bottle or can from hitting the ground. You also must catch the disc. Do note, you cannot stop the disc from hitting the pole or bottle or can by any means other than catching it, such as knocking it away.


Because there are a few varying elements to the game, there are several ways to score. Be aware, you can only score when throwing. You earn one point if the other team does not catch the disc or if they do not catch the falling bottle or can. If you hit the bottle or can directly and manage to knock it off without the other team catching it, you get two points. In the game, this is referred to as a dinger. You also have the option of imposing penalties to the opposing team, making them drink if they fail to accomplish their task of either defending or knocking off the bottle or can.


While this game is thought to originate with college kids in Canada, it has become a staple college game in the United States now. It is also spreading to backyards all across the country. With the variations and changes that you can make to it, it is a perfect addition to cookout games for families.

With its simple set-up and play, you can now enjoy extra fun with your frisbee. You might be surprised at how much fun can be had just tossing a disc at a pole. This game can keep kids and adults entertained for hours, making your backyard cookout an event to remember.