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How to Perfectly Roast a Frank on A Campfire

It may seem like roasting hot dogs is a simple process — get some heat and cook them. However, if you are trying to master the perfect roast, you have to learn a bit about the methods and the tricks behind the process. Not every attempt will work out so great. Avoid burning your hot dogs by following the advice in this guide.

Tips Before You Begin

Once the seasons change, it is a great time to gather around a firepit and the perfect weather for cooking over a fire. Many people will be picking up packs of hot dogs for their weekend campouts and get-togethers. While you certainly can cook hot dogs any way you want, there are particular methods that ensure a juicy and plump finished product.

Before you get started, you need to prepare. Hot dogs are pretty much ready to go, so you don’t have to marinate them or trim them. You just want to keep them cold until it is time to cook.

You should gather your cooking fuel, which could be wood, charcoal or gas; a fire pit; a grill; and any cooking utensils you want to use. If you will be using an open fire, make sure the area around it is clear. Use a cooking ring to contain the flames and prevent accidents. Keep small children or people who may be unstable on their feet away from the pit. You should also have a fire extinguisher close by in case of an emergency. The same is true for any cooking source, even a grill.

Different Methods to Try

There are many ways to cook a hot dog. People do it on the stovetop or even in the microwave, but nothing compares to cooking hot dogs over a campfire. Roasting hot dogs requires skill and the right tools. Again, there are many options.

Perhaps the most common is a stick. This could be a store-bought, metal-pronged stick with a wood handle, or a tree branch whittled clean and to a point. Whatever you use, the cooking method is the same. You stick the hot dog onto the end through the prongs or point and hold it out over the fire.

You can also use a grate sat on top of the fire. This requires careful control of the flames to prevent burning. You may also want to line the grate with foil.

Another option is a cooking basket. This piece opens up and allows you to put the hot dogs inside of it. You close it and they are secure. This can be handy when you worry about losing your dogs in the fire, which can happen once the hot dogs get warmed and slick at the end of a stick.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Once you choose which method you will use, it is time to get started. Bring your hot dogs out to the fire and assemble your cooking utensils. Regardless of what you are using, the ideal fire for cooking is one with very low flames and constant heat. If the fire is burning too much, you will just char the outside of the hot dog while the inside remains cold.

If you are using a stick, slip your hot dogs onto the stick and ensure they are firmly in place. A double-pronged stick is easier to use because it holds the hot dog more firmly. A single-pronged stick may lead to losing your dog in the fire.

If you are using a cooking grate, simple place the hot dogs on the grate using tongs. With a basket, you just need to put the dogs in.

Once you are ready, place your hot dogs over the fire. Make sure you rotate them at regular intervals to avoid burning and to get an even cook. Watch them closely; hot dogs cook fast. You don’t want them to burst open. They will lose all their juice and won’t taste very good. The key point to remove them from the fire is when they have expanded but right before they start to sputter.

Cooking hot dogs is something that almost everyone has likely done at one point or another. But if you haven’t had them over an open fire, then you are missing out. You should get out there and do it. A roasted hot dog tastes amazing; there is simply nothing like it. Using these tips and advice, you should be able to cook the perfect roasted hot dog.